The Top 5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimonos

Published: 11th November 2011
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With the huge growth in Brazilian jiu jitsu in recent years and a massive influx of BJJ Gi companies there is now an abundance of Giís to choose from. From the more established companies like Atama and Koral to some of the newer companies like Break Point and Gameness. Picking the best BJJ Gi from whats available can be a daunting task. Below I outline my top 5 BJJ GIís available today.

Koral MKM Competition

1. The Koral MKM Competition BJJ Gi is a high performance Gi. Made from 100% Cotton the MKM is 100% pre-shrunk. Koral put the MKM through an industrial process that results in a totally shrunk BJJ Gi . The Jacket is made with one piece of fabric with no seam in the back, providing strength, comfort and durability. The Lapel has rubber inside to help keep it soft and make the Gi dry faster. And it also helps to prevent bacteria and fungus from developing. The Gi has been tailored in to a Competition cut that allows for unrestricted movement and also keeps the Gi close to the body and this makes the Gi harder to grab. The MKM Competition Giís are approved for all CBJJF and IBJJF tournaments. This is definitely one of the premier BJJ Gií

Keiko limited

2. The Keiko limited BJJ Gi is made in Brazil and is meticulously crafted. This Gi has 4 patches, one on the shoulders, one on the lapel and one on the lower leg; it also has embroidery on both arms and the nape of the neck in the style of the Keiko logo and the Brazilian flag. It also has contrasting trim detailing that makes it a truly one of a kind Gi to own. But this Gi isn't just about the looks; it's also made to endure years of the most intense training and competition. Its cut is a bit slimmer than other Gis, making it ideal for tournaments and light enough to keep you going on those particularly hot days. Reinforced in the knees and underarms and featuring rope-tie pants, nothing is getting in the way of your performance with this Gi on your side!

Break Point Light Weight Deluxe Gi

3. The Break Point Light Weight Deluxe Gi is like a breath of fresh air in the BJJ GI manufacturerís world. Break Point have steered clear of the usual 5 patch layout that 90% of Gi producers use and made a totally original and stylish BJJ Gi. With stylish embroidery emblazoned all over it you will definitely stand out wearing this Gi. Each Gi comes with 2 pairs of trousers; a heavy duty training pair and a light weight pair. This Gi is ideal for training and competition fighting.

Vulkan ultra light

4. The Vulkan ultra light is one of the worlds lightest BJJ Giís and itís even lighter than the Pro Light! Made from Vulkans exclusive Honey Comb weave fabric its super strong, light in weight and very comfortable. The lapel is made with a length or rubber running through it from the bottom to the top. Itís this that helps the Gi dry faster and also reduces the growth of bacteria. This Gi is 100% pre shrunk so there are no worries about the Gi shrinking. The cut of the ultra light makes it ideal for Competitions and hot summer days.

The Atama Mundial 9

5. The Atama Mundial 9 is the flagship Gi from Atama and one of the oldest Gi brands around. Worn by many of the greats of BJJ like Royce Gracie he even used to wear his Atama Gi in his fights in the UFC. The Mundial 9 is based on the very popular Mundial 7 but with a few additions. The collar and pants are made from "rip stop" material to protect against tearing. A top of the line gi perfect that is perfect for training and for competitions. It has a tapered body and sleeves to leave less for your opponent to grab and its roomy in the shoulders for mobility.

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